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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Iraq, what's going on

I’ll write a lot more about the Iraqi situation later on, but wanted to share an interesting commercial that’s been playing on the Iraqi satellite channel which I get here in the US.  It starts with a little kid complaining that he as an exam tomorrow, after it all went dark around him.  Then a female voice comes and announces that “we are sorry for this technical problem.  As you know the electric network is very old and worn out, and it has been suffering a lot from attacks on it.  We are working to increase capacity and our target is to have a 33% increase within a year”.  I’m thinking, you say that after two years?  Where did the billions go!  Certainly not where they were supposed to!


As an Iraqi singer from forty years ago said, “we’ve lived and we’ve seen, and we’ll live and see still”.  Listen to him sing and enjoyJ.  Hopefully I’ll post a translation when time is less scarce.



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