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Sunday, August 06, 2006

George Galloways' Sky News interview on August 6, 2006

Listen to George Galloway’s take on the recent events in Lebanon. Disagree? It’s certainly your right to do so, but let’s be careful not to stifle freedom of speech, since it’s the cornerstone of Democracy, even if we don’t like what’s being said!

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  1. I'm impress by the PM George Galloway's Sky News interview.
    One of the best interviews I have ever seen on the biased pro Israel media.
    Hanna Elias

  2. i'd just like to say what a superb interview with sky news on sunday.George spoke the truth which is not heard often in the media, more so from an MP. he voiced what the majority of people think. It's about time someone spoke on Sky about the real terrorists in this world!

    Many thanks and keep up the excellent work you do

  3. A sensational interview.

    Its a true misfortune to see only a few people like MP Galloway speak out the truth with such courage and honesty. My hat goes down to you Mr. Galloway.

    Long Live Lebanon!

  4. Make sure you catch his talk show on Talk Sport at every Saturday and Sunday at 3 PM Eastern time (it goes on for two hours). Click on presenters and find George Galloway. His web site is at

  5. Thanks to your challenge, you continue to demonstrate that you have an ability of a real leader. It is those who accept the standard that will always get standard.
    Thanks Sir Galloway for having the courage to be the exceptional!

  6. Thank you Mr. Galloway for your courageous positions .

  7. It's a RELIEF to know that a person like Galloway tells most of the things we'd like to tell to the americans, especially the part he says "What a silly question, what a silly person you are!" In fact, the interviewer represents most of the americans unfortunately and Mr. George! they are not only silly but they represent idiocy! The Hzb won this war even if it continues forever!

    Thank you for your stand!
    bush, blair, israel and all the rest know they're losing this war but they're just toooooo pride to admit it. Instead, they continue killing the innocent kids in Lebanon!!! Cuz yeah! as ur saying in their opinion israeli blood is more valuable than any other blood in the arab world! What a shame!!!

    LONG LIVE LEBANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am really impressed and may God make you stronger in saying the truth always.Its time the world knows whats going on of major brutality and terror in the name of freedom and haha democracy which is in America(USA) langauge salvery or death.................. Best Regards Mr Galloway you are a freedom fighter, may God bless you.
    Willy franfisher..

  9. This is know from Isreali media, try to log in there web sites to see the counterfeit