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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Christopher Hitchens debates George Galloway

This is the fourth in a weekly series of documentaries and presentations designed to offer insights into today’s events, making it easy to understand them by linking them to the larger historical context. The ideas in these documentaries and presentations are not designed to advance one version of the events or act as propaganda for one party or the other, they are designed to provide the reader with enough facts to help them better understand the larger historical context to which today’s events belong.

This week brings you the complete debate on the war in Iraq between Christopher Hitchens and George Galloway. The debate was hosted by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, and took place last year at Baruch College in New York.

George Galloway is the British MP from East London, and Christopher Hitchens is a well-known British liberal writer who lives in the United States.

In this debate, Christopher Hitchens argues that the war in Iraq was not only justified, but that it was necessary, while Mr. Galloway argues that it was illegal.

(Courtesy of Google Video, redistributed with permission)

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